Empties and Lots of Them!

Hi There! How is your day going so far? I hope amazing!! I just wanted to stop in real quick before I have to get ready for work and share my latest video with you. I am currently doing a three part series on Empties, because I have a lot of them!!

I have been saving up this trash for far too long so I thought I better get to filming! It had been so long since I had filmed an empties video that I actually forgot how much I love them!! It is fun to go back and see what products you really enjoyed and would consider purchasing again!

I hope you enjoy the video! It is a long one…you may need a snack!! Xoxo


A Nontraditional Valentine’s Day

Hi! I have always loved LOVE. I have always loved Valentine’s Day. I am happily married now, but long before I ever met my hubby I loved Valentine’s Day. Sometimes I feel like someone out on an island by themselves because a lot of people seem to hate Valentine’s Day. I get it…it is a very commercialized holiday, but it is still fun!

I can think all the way back to grade school with our little handmade boxes ready to be overflowing with little Valentine’s Day cards. Those were the best days! It didn’t matter if you had a crush or if you were even friends, everyone used the day to share in joy.

I guess I am also lucky because my Dad, who is a phenomenal dad, always made Valentine’s Day special. A box of chocolates or as I got older Edible Arrangement, which no one hates receiving (um..YUM). He always got me a card with kind handwritten words. The day doesn’t have to be about romantic love. It can be about any love. The love of your family, friends, significant other, and pets. We can’t forget our furbabies.

I totally believe that we should spread love everyday, but I don’t see anything wrong with taking one day to make sure you don’t forgot to tell someone you love them. There are a lot of people in this world who do not hear it enough.

If you are one of those people. I love you ❤

P.S. Since we are taking about Valentine’s in a nontraditional sense here is my latest video.

A Little Get Ready with Me!

Hi All! I wanted to share my latest video! I must say I am so excited to still be loving the Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette. I am sure you have been there too…you know when you get a new product, which you use once and love! Then the next time you realize your first reaction may not have been the correct one. If you haven’t been there you are lucky, because I know I have!

These shadows are buttery, pigmented, fun, and classic all wrapped up into one deliciously scented palette. I will say I have not used all shades yet! I am sure I will at some point, but like with any palette I am drawn to some shades more than others. I think my favorite color so far has been the Candied Peach. It is so vibrant! Ah! I just love it!!

I hope you enjoy my latest video! Xoxo! Talk soon! Yes, I do love exclamations this much and it is actually how I talk. What can I say…it is the little things in life that just get me all worked up in the best kind of way!



Hiii!! I am going to be super real with you guys…I am TIRED and it is time for bed, so I am not going to elaborate (yet!), but wanted to share this video! I am super STOKED about this palette!! If you are bored or can’t sleep take a few minutes to check out my review and swatches of the Too Faced Peanut Butter and Jelly Palette!

….One quick insert! I have used it two days in a row and have come up with two totally different and gorgeous looks! Have a wonderful night everyone!! XOXO