Short Life Update


Hi Everyone! I haven’t forgotten about you! …So here is the deal. Life is about balance and this is something I am not excelling in currently. I am struggling to find that balance for my work-life, home-life, online-life, real-life, and “me time.” The struggle is real!

I promise I won’t give up! I will keep practicing until I find that balance, because practice makes perfect? Right? I sure hope so!!

XOXO. Talk soon!


This is so Much Fun!

Hi! I must say this is the most fun I’ve had in a while with a hobby. It is also the most work I’ve put into a hobby in a long time. Let me tell you, a Youtube channel is a lot of work! I have two jobs and a Youtube channel. Yup, life is crazy, but really this hobby means so much to me!

I have always loved makeup. I wear makeup every day…or basically every day. My latest video is the first time in a while I was able to sit down and just have fun with makeup!! Like I said life is crazy, so I wear makeup, but I don’t get to “play” with it every day. When I get to sit down and just do my thing in my makeup room…ahh it is kind of like my little piece of heaven.

I’ve always been creative, but lost an outlet to be creative with. I had lost that inspiration. I think that is why I enjoy this channel so much! If you want to check out my latest video just take a peak below! Xoxo

Stay Positive <3

Hi Everyone! I know these last two days have been hard. Christina Grimmie’s life was taken, which is hard to believe. Then the very next day the mass Orlando shooting. This blog is not to start debates or wars. It is instead to give people an outlet if their hearts are feeling heavy today, like mine is.

I hope this video gives you 20 minutes to just relax and enjoy. Please stay positive even when it seems too hard! XoXo

Rainforest of the Sea! 

Hi! I can’t sleep so I thought I’d share! This product launch has been huge, at least in the YouTube world. I had to get my hands dirty and give it ago!

I didn’t want this to be the usual try one time and film a video. No! I wanted it to be an extended use review. Those are the best kind! 

It is easy to love or hate a product after one using it only one time. Now using the product for several weeks gives you real experiences to base your opinion! 

Take a few to relax and hear my thoughts! Xoxo 

April Favorites! 

Hi! With sleepy eyes I type this! Who else is ready for this weekend? (Raises hand). Anywho, I wanted to share my latest video! 

This month has been a whirlwind. Seriously! April  went by so fast I can hardly believe it. I found myself sticking to a few easy products to get me thru! 

Check them out below! Xoxo