Becca Backlight Filter Primer

Hi! Welcome! How is your day going so far? I went to the gym, so I am feeling pretty productive! I thought I would share my latest video with you. I have had this product for quite a while and forgot to film a video for you guys. I would forget my head if it wasn’t attached! This product for me is one that really stands out! Have you ever tried it?

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Seven Days of Skincare- Day Four!

Hello friends and readers! It is Friday! YAYAYYAYAY! (insert happy dance!) I hope you all made it through the week without too many road bumps along the way! Today is day four of SEVEN DAYS OF SKINCARE! Yes, I am still including that in my blogs. hehe. Lets dive into todays topic!


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Today’s topic is serums! These are like extra powerful little miracle products! Serums are like any other skincare product, but on steroids. They are extra concentrated nutrition for your skin! You apply serums after you cleanse before you moisturize. I have been using a Ole Henriksen Truth Serum Collagen Booster. It contains Vitamin C, which is the new “it” factor for skin. It helps brighten your complexion, boost collagen production (bye bye wrinkles), and reduce scarring/spotting. I don’t know about you, but I am fine with all of those benefits! Now, the pros and cons of this product! Oh, and this was a small size that I got through my Sephora Rewards points!

Pros: The texture is light and slippery. This sounds like a weird positive, but when applied it soaks in so quickly. It is very light on the skin in comparison to a cream serum. Your skin looks instantly brighter and I do feel like over the course of using it my scarring is lighter and fine lines seem diminished!

Cons: I don’t use this before bed because for nighttime I prefer cream based serums as they feel more moisturizing. The full size product is $48, which isn’t unheard of for a higher end product, but it doesn’t seem to last that long. I went through this size pretty quickly. Due to the cost I may try to find something as effective that is cheaper…I may be back though because this seems highly effective!

Do you use any Vitamin C products? What are your thoughts? Talk soon!