I am so sorry! I didn’t ┬ámean to yell at you with the title! I am just so excited to play with fashion and prep for vacationing! I just love summer. I love the weather, the activities, and the fashion. Living it the Midwest Fall and Spring are okay..Summer is AMAZING and winter just plain old sucks! This is the best time of the year to really show off my favorite styles. Casual, adventurous, feminine or a mix of it all!

I feel like Summer is the best time to show off my personal style; the colors, the materials, all of it! I have always been a Summer girl and that still hasn’t changed. As I age I feel like it actually becomes more of me. I especially love playing with my style when traveling. I find myself talking more risks or playing more of a “role” with my fashion choices when we are on vacation!

I hope you enjoy my latest Lookbook! Xoxo! Talk soon!