NYX Intense Butter Gloss..bout time.

photo (2)

I have finally jumped on the bandwagon! I have been hearing so many good reviews of the brand NYX that I had to give it a try. I went to my local Ulta, because Sephora doesn’t carry this brand (tear), to check it out. I grabbed two for good measure! I purchased Sorbet and Orangesicle! Both colors are fun and perfect for Spring! After hearing so much about the brand I was VERY excited to finally try it.

What did I think? I really liked it! For being a low price point lip gloss I am impressed! Both of the tubes were $5.99, which isn’t bad for the major pigment in the lip gloss. High end brands could easily charge $20 plus dollars for the same size tube. The texture is WONDERFUL! It is so smooth. I can’t rave about that enough! I despise sticky lip gloss….seriously! I cannot stand it! The NYX Intense Lip Butter is so smooth, rich, and creamy. They are not the least bit sticky (YAY)!

Now on to the color! First, I tried Sorbet. This was the only thing I had any issue with. Don’t get me wrong I liked the color, but it wasn’t what I expected. By looking at the color while in the tube I was expecting something more coral. More like a pretty pink with a hint of orange, but when applied it seemed more like a cotton candy pink.

photo 1

The second color that I tried was Orangesicle. This color in the tube was very bold and it didn’t disappoint on the lip. It really is intense. I LOVE this one. It is bold, loud, and so fun! It has a hint of Orange to it, but to me it is just a bright red with a bit of orange. Again, this is the only aspect that disappointed me. I thought it would have more orange to it due to the name Orangesicle.

photo 2

Would I buy again? YES! Would I recommend? Definitely!  If you’d like to check them out click here! If you’d like to watch my review click here!

Have you ever tried NYX? What did you think? Xoxo


Hello Monday. Sunday I miss you already.

How is it that I can blink and the weekend is over? We are now back to Monday and I am just not ready to say goodbye to Sunday yet. I love Friday nights and Saturdays, but there is something special about Sunday. My husband and I use it as a day to work on our home or in the yard, but we always a save a little time for fun and relaxing. We went and had great food and coffee in the city. We made a swing by Walmart for some gardening supplies (which is a new world..I do not have a green thumb) and of course I got a little side tracked.

I love jewelry and accessorizing, but it can get pricey fast. I know higher price point jewelry lasts longer and is made of better quality metals, but that means my budget can’t have much variety. I like variety. After we got our cart loaded with gardening  supplies I wondered my way over  (way over- across the store) to the accessories. I must say I found some really cute new items! I am still wearing a lot of the same jewelry I bought in high school, which was over five years go. I did pick up a few new things last summer for our honeymoon, but I figured it was time to spice up my style a little.

All of the accessories I found at Walmart were ranged $2.88 to $8.00, most were under $5. They can be played up for a sophisticated look or worn casually. I also grabbed a few items that can be used together. The key to saving money is picking versatile items that can suit any occasion!

Check out these FAB new items!! What are your favorite accessories? Talk soon!

neck 1
These are a Classic pairing.
I think these are gorgeous!
neck 2
I am crazy about these metal tones!
neck 3
Can’t go wrong with a great hoop earring!
photo 4
Here are all of my finds together. Lots of variety!
photo 5
I absolutely love these colors! These are VERY “in” right now and the gold shimmer earrings really pop with the gold in the bracelets!

If you want a glimpse of our Sunday festivities check out the photos below! Xoxo



photo 3 - Copy

..And of course, an over cast Sunday brunch calls for a nude lip and a infinity scarf!


Spring nails!

I usually pick nude, red, or dark nail polish. I tend to try to keep my nails “grown up” shades. Today I decided to switch it up and do something fun! I was thinking Springtime and Easter. Here is my question, is there nail looks that shouldn’t be used at a certain age? Or is nail polish timeless no matter the shade? Thoughts? Can’t wait to hear you’re answers!


Easy. Breezy. Beautiful.

Hello Covergirl, it is nice to meet you again, especially in the bargain bin! Three colors at $3 each?! It is a deal! Check out these three vibrant colors. I am now very ready for Spring!

1. Delicious! This is almost a lavender! I really like this shade. It was very creamy too.

photo 1 2. Bombshell! This is a bold and bright pink. I love how vibrant and smooth it is!

photo 3

3. Temptation! This is a totally new color for me- orange! I must say I absolutely love it! It is a bold orange with a gold shimmer. The only downside is the texture is a bit dry, but not enough to steer me away from using. The color is amazing!

photo 2

Do you have any new Spring favorites? Xoxo

Light and airy on Saturday!

Here is my day look. I love the coral color on my cheeks and lips! It makes for the perfect Spring look! I did still use contouring, but kept it much more understated than my night look.


Face: Sephora CC Cream, Cover FX Contour Palate, Too Faced Cocoa Contour Powder (using both helps keep it in place since one is cream and one is powder..they work GREAT together), Model Co. Blush in Peach Bellini, and Smooth Operator by Tarte to set it all.

Eyes: Ulta Pencil Liner in Dark Brown (Just in the lash line so it is subtle), Jelly Pong Pong Highlighter, Utla Twice as Nice Mascara, and Salon Perfect Brow Powder.

Lips: Ulta Lip Crayon in Oh!, and Rimmel Lip Liner in Eastend Snob (Use this last to line lips. It will make your lips  look fuller by creating a slight shadow effect).

Enjoy! Have a great Saturday!!

Walmart Splurge!

We made a late night Walmart run last night…I intended to buy necessities and walked out with a couple extra items in my grocery bag. Has anyone else noticed how cute Walmart’s clothing, shoes, and accessories are now?! Hello savings! Or maybe not, because I would probably buy way too much.

Here are my two favorite splurges!


The wedge sandals were only $19.97! They have a sexy strappy design, but the twine wedge gives it a great summer feel. They are also super tall (taller than the picture shows) so it is fun for short girls like myself to see the world from up high every once in a while. They will be perfect for going out this summer, especially since they are so comfortable! I could dance and walk in them all night with no problem. That is like triple bonus points!


These super cute pink slip on sandals (is that the right term?) are comfortable and simply stylish. It’s like saying,  “I don’t even have to put effort into looking this good.” Pair these with a boyfriend jean that rolled at the bottom and you look effortlessly amazing! Anyways, I know that is what I will be doing! The price tag shows $12.93, but that were on clearance for $9! I couldn’t resist!

What are your favorite Spring and Summer shoes? Have you scored any deals lately on footwear? Talk soon!

March Ipsy vs March Birchbox.

Okay,  so this is only the second month in a row that I received both Ipsy and Birchbox. This is the third month for Birchbox as when I joined they sent it out that month, but Ipsy waited until the next. Is it bad that my lack of patience makes Birchbox have one extra point on my score board? Instant gratification is nice. I will be honest that I haven’t used any of these products yet. With that said I still wanted to share what both subscription services are like.


This is the bag the products came in. I love the colors and design. I would actually use this bag. The card had pictures of four of the Ipsy stylist. The back had details on sharing your products on social media.


Product 1: A FULL SIZE Nyx Lipstick Butter…wow. This an amazing item to receive. Full size = Amazing. Nyx Full Size = O.M.G!!!!


Product 2: LeeAnni Eco 3 in 1 Revolution Light. This product says it is a toner, serum, and moisturizer all in one cream. I like the idea of being able to cut some corners so am excited to try this!


Procuct 3: Pur~lisse, which is a gentle soy cleanser and makeup remover. On Ipsy’s website this received a 4 out of 5 rating with over 18,000 reviews, so also a good product to be included in the March bag.


Product 4: An infinity shadow/crease brush by Crown Brush. This is also a full size product so two in one Month. Boom!


Product 5: This Pixi by Petra Mesmerizing Mineral Duo. These are great shades for Spring and Summer! I will say this sample was pretty small, but eyeshadows seem to last a long time even when they are small.


Now it is time to focus on Birchbox:

This is the box it came in. I am always very pleased with the boxing. I don’t know what I will do with them, but I do like the looks of the box.


This is the inside of the box, which always features a card with the details of each product, which is really nice to have as you look at the products.


Product 1: Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleansing kit. This product features a one time sample of a hot cloth cleansing treatment. With over 13,000 reviews on Birchbox’s site and a 4 our of 5 stars, I am pretty excited to try this!


Product 2: Elite Therapeutics Eucalyptus Rosemary Body Creme, which contains nourishing botanicals. This sounds like a relaxing skin care product. I will be honest about the fact that I am VERY picky about my lotions so I wasn’t super excited to see this sample.


Product 3:  Another skin care product! Roloxin Lift Revitalizing Treatment comes with one treatment to help fade fine lines and wrinkles. The only down side to this is about any treatment takes more than one to see any difference so not sure if this will show if it is worth buying the $110 product…we will see.


Product 4: Jelly Pong Pong Go Getter Highlighter..Yay! Bring on the glow! I love receiving products like this, because it is fun and versatile. It doesn’t hurt that the name is super HILARIOUS!


Product 5: This, it’s a 10, product I was actually able to pick before hand. There were two or three options (I can’t remember now..) I picked this because it had been so long I needed a refresher on if it is really a miracle product. I also chose this sample because it appeared much larger than the other samples.


I hope you enjoyed getting a glimpse inside my March Ipsy vs Birchbox packages! If you are interest in either monthly subscription click the links BELOW!



If you already get either one or both of these subscriptions let me know what your favorite products are! Xoxo