This Lipstick is Extra Special!


Hi!! I know I am not alone in this… I am totally one of those people who can hear a song and be taken back in time. I can smell a smell and instantly drift away in thought about a story linked to that exact smell. Since I am a makeup lover there are times that even makeup can bring me back to a certain time and place. The lipstick in the above picture is definitely one of those items for me!

Why is this lipstick so special? Well first let me tell you a little about the product. This is the Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick by Stila in the shade Fiore. When I went shopping for this lipstick I had some strict criteria. The lipstick had to be long wearing, transfer proof, and BOLD. These three things were all on my checklist for must have qualities! What was the special occasion? It was for my wedding day!!

I know there were people who thought I must be crazy when I told them I wanted to rock a bold and bright pink lipstick for my walk down the isle. Well, they were the crazy ones because it was perfect. This lip totally made my entire bridal look. I don’t regret going bold for even a moment. I also do not regret picking Stila for my bridal lip. I went to Sephora multiple times to get samples and ask for everyone’s opinion on the best long wear and transfer proof lipstick. This was definitely the best choice!

When the priest said “You may now kiss the bride,”  I had no worries and neither did my new hubby! This lipstick seriously stays put. If you are married you know how long your wedding day really is. If you aren’t married, let me warn you that your wedding day is really really long! This lipstick stayed put and was also comfortable. My lipsticks never felt overly dry which is impressive for any liquid lipstick. It did wear off as the day went along, but it wore off in a pretty way, not patchy!

This is not the only great liquid lip I have ever worn. There are other greats out there, but this one forever holds a special place in my makeup collection and heart! I don’t wear it often, but when I do I cannot help, but smile remembering the best day of my life!

…obviously I have to insert a wedding pic to show it off! 😉 Xoxo! Talk soon!!




April Boxycharm! Good as Always!

Hello lovelies! Hope you are all well! I wanted to share with you my April Boxycharm. Seriously, I LOVE receiving this every month. Watch to find out why! Xoxo

Colour Pop..Is it Worth the Hype?

DSC00068.JPGHi Everyone! Happy Sunday Funday!! I have experienced waves of emotion with this brand.. Raise your hand if you have tried a Colour Pop product?! I think  at this point most makeup addicts, like myself, have given this brand a try. I mean, “Hello!” —> It is so cheap! What are my thoughts?

Well my fondness of this brand has come in waves. My first swatch of the shadows ever and I was in love. Then I tried to use them on the day to day and struggled so badly that I gave up. The consistency is strange. The shadows are not a powder or a cream. It is some weird in between texture that I have never experienced before. Fast forward…

AND I have found a couple of brushes that work with these eye shadows! A couple of my Real Technique brushes actually pick up the texture of these shadows. Now that I have found what works I am loving these shadows again!! The pigmentation is amazing!! The price is unbelievable!

I decided to get the liquid lipsticks in the mini kit. This allowed me to try the newer formulation and several colors. I LOVE these matte liquid lipsticks! They stay on forever. They go on easily. The do not crumble on the lips…oh and did I mention that these are so pigmented you do not even need a lip liner! Hallelujah!

Like I said this brand has had me riding the emotional roller coaster, but I do actually really like this brand! If you haven’t tried it yet..then I would SO recommend it!  Xoxo