VIB Sale is Now Upon Us! YES!!

I love this time of year! I love shopping! I love a discount! I love Sephora! If you can’t tell I am a little excited! Take a minute to see what is on my wish list this year!

What goodies are you snagging at this year’s Sephora VIB sale? Xoxo, talk soon!


A Flawless Face

Hi! First let me start by stating that life is SO MUCH more than a flawless face. I love having my channel, but I sometimes worry people think I am always about vanity. I hope everyone watching their favorite Youtubers always know that those peoples’ lives aren’t just what is on screen. I know that to be true from my own life! In fact, a good portion of my week is spent makeup free, messy hair, and/or  in my pj’s! With that being said I still love makeup so much!

Makeup for me is fun. It is creativity. It actually is art. It is the one thing I found myself being able to use my creativity on. Being an adult is busy and I wasn’t able to balance it. With work I couldn’t focus on drawing, painting, or writing like I would have liked to. I did have to work most days and I did wear makeup to work, so why not have fun doing so?! My enjoyment for “putting on my face” and watching Youtube videos spawned my own channel and I am so happy it did.

I wanted to start this blog by saying that life is so much more then a flawless face, because it really is. Xoxo! Talk soon!

Primer, Primer, Primer Rockin Everywhere!

I hope you are all having a wonderful night! I can now barely keep my eyes open!! The good news is tomorrow is FRIDAY!! HOORAY! Wow, I have used a lot of exclamation points so far…even more than usual!! Hehe.

Good Night Y’all! Xoxo <—-See I skipped the exclamation point there!

Physicians Formula – Ambient Lighting Dupe!

I recently picked up this drugstore product and it is a new FAV!! It is so amazing and is definitely a all in one product. The one I got is called Shimmer Strips Warm Nude and there is also  a Shimmer Strips Natural Nude. The title is miss leading because it isn’t shimmery. I mean it has a beautiful sheen to it, but it is not glittery. I think of small glitter when I here shimmer. This is much better than that.

This product is great for a “shimmery” eye look, an awesome highlight, and even contouring! The product is long lasting and is packed with pigment. It is such an amazing dupe for Ambient Lighting by Hourglass. I like the Ambient Lighting palette, but it is SO pricey! I will now be choosing the Physicians Formula instead because it was just over $14 at CVS.

I will say I wouldn’t use this as a setting powder like you can the Ambient Lighting. The drugstore option has an awesome range of colors, which have so many uses, just like the Ambient Lighting. I will say the warm bronze in the Shimmer Strips palette is an excellent choice for a BOLD contour. Just use a light hand!

I would so recommend this product! Here is a link for more info! Don’t forget to enter my Colour Pop giveaway, which can be found on my blog page! XoXo