New Headbands, $1 each!

I love a good deal! In Branson, MO at The Landing shopping area, there was an accessories store where most items were $1.00. Amazing! I love headbands because you can make it look like you tried harder, even if you didn’t. It can take a crappy hair day and turn it into a good one. I couldn’t decided on one headband, so I got three. It is okay since they were so cheap! This is one of the few times being indecisive worked out well.

I picked three similar styles in three different colors. I liked these, because they were a lace pattern. I love feminine styles and that is exactly what lace is! The colors also gave them an antique or retro feel, which I am a sucker for! I am wearing the pink one today and I am impressed. A lot of headbands give me an annoying headache and so far I haven’t had a problem! Yay! Do you guys like headbands?

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