How Often Do You Wash Your Hair?


Hi! I am at a cross roads with my hair! I am wanting to grow it out so badly, but it is at this awkward middle stage. Some days I consider chopping it off to a cute bob, but then I remember how long and pretty my hair was just a few years ago. Why did I ever cut it?! Oh yeah, because it was terribly damaged. The sad part of this story is the last time I grew my hair to the middle of my back it took about seven years!!

I am hoping my hair will grow faster this time around. I am not coloring it. This says a lot, since I am rocking more grey hairs then I would like! I am also trying not to use heat more than one time a week. I am also trying not to wash it as often. How often do you wash your hair? My usual wash routine was every other day. Now I am trying to only wash my hair one to two times a week, unless it gets extra dirty.

Does anyone know if not washing as often can lead to faster hair growth? I like that I can rock a hair style for an extra day, but I am having to use dry shampoo more often. Does dry shampoo have any negative effects on hair growth? If you have any tips or tricks for growing your hair quickly I would love to hear them! I am also going to start taking a multi-vitamin regularly!

Xoxo! Talk Soon!