Swimwear for the Self-conscious!

This photo is courtesy of Walmart's website and the link is in the blog below!
This photo is courtesy of Walmart’s website and the link is in the blog below!

I went to Branson, MO¬†for a mini vacation and I had a blast (hence the MIA comment in my last post)! If you go to Branson you have to spend at least one day at White Waters! To be honest my curvy figure leaves me dreading swimwear! I’m usually confident, but swimsuit season is my BIG exception. It makes me feel so vulnerable! I happened to see this “swim-dress” while at the Branson Walmart and had to try it on! It is so flattering and comfortable! It wears like a short summer dress, but is perfect for the water park. Never once did the bottom creep into my crack (LOL, you know what I am talking about!) and the top never tried to let my girls escape..both of these are common incidents at water parks! If you are looking for a new ultra flattering swimsuit at a very reasonable price than I would highly recommend this pick. Also, I have a thing for retro fashion and this totally has that vibe! The suit is available in both regular and plus sizes!