Are you on the Boxycharm Bandwagon?

…Because you know I am!!

If you get Boxycharm, what are your thoughts? Xoxo! Talk Soon!!


Colour Pop..Is it Worth the Hype?

DSC00068.JPGHi Everyone! Happy Sunday Funday!! I have experienced waves of emotion with this brand.. Raise your hand if you have tried a Colour Pop product?! I think  at this point most makeup addicts, like myself, have given this brand a try. I mean, “Hello!” —> It is so cheap! What are my thoughts?

Well my fondness of this brand has come in waves. My first swatch of the shadows ever and I was in love. Then I tried to use them on the day to day and struggled so badly that I gave up. The consistency is strange. The shadows are not a powder or a cream. It is some weird in between texture that I have never experienced before. Fast forward…

AND I have found a couple of brushes that work with these eye shadows! A couple of my Real Technique brushes actually pick up the texture of these shadows. Now that I have found what works I am loving these shadows again!! The pigmentation is amazing!! The price is unbelievable!

I decided to get the liquid lipsticks in the mini kit. This allowed me to try the newer formulation and several colors. I LOVE these matte liquid lipsticks! They stay on forever. They go on easily. The do not crumble on the lips…oh and did I mention that these are so pigmented you do not even need a lip liner! Hallelujah!

Like I said this brand has had me riding the emotional roller coaster, but I do actually really like this brand! If you haven’t tried it yet..then I would SO recommend it!  Xoxo