Beauty Subscriptions for the Month of May!!

Hi!! I hope you are having a lovely day so far!! I thought I would swing by my blog and share my latest video. I don’t know about you, but I love unboxing videos!! I really hope you enjoy my Boxycharm unboxing and my Scentbird..unbagging? Unenveloping? Uh, not real sure what to call that one!

Xoxo! Talk soon!!


Are you bored?

Hi!! I must say if you are bored with your beauty routine then Boxycharm is a great option! I have REALLY enjoyed this beauty subscription. Each month (…so far) I have received some great products. The best part is they are deluxe or full size, which I really appreciate it. If you want to see what came in this month’s box then check out below!

Did you get a box this month? If so, what did you think? Do you get any other beauty subscriptions that you would recommend? Talk soon! Xoxo

Boxycharm: March 2016

Hi Everyone! Happy Friday!!!! I have to tell you I. LOVE. BOXYCHARM. I really really do! I made the switch three months ago and I am so happy that I did! Every box comes with 4 to 5 full size products. You heard me right! FOUR to FIVE FULL SIZE items. If you cannot tell I am so excited about this!

The one con to Boxycharm (if there really is any!) is that you don’t get as many big brand names. You still get big brand names, but not as many that we have all heard of like Smashbox, Too faced, ect. Now, don’t confuse that with not getting any popular brands. Actually, out of the three beauty box subscriptions I’ve ever purchased all have opened my eyes to brands I had never heard of before. This is something I enjoy, but for some it may be a little annoying.

Have you tried Boxycharm? If so, what are your thoughts?