Appropriate Makeup…


Hi! How are you doing today? I have wanted to sit down and write this for quite a while, but just haven’t! I often think about this and can’t come to a solid conclusion. Is their appropriate and inappropriate makeup? What do you think?

I have several thoughts on this. First, I want to say NO! There are no rules. This is something I totally feel when I put on makeup. I use bronzer for eye shadow and have even put mascara in my eyebrows. That is what makes playing with makeup so fun. There are no rules or if their are they were meant to be broken. Just because it says eye shadow doesn’t mean you can’t use it as a highlighter…something I often do!

The picture I used for this blog was a look I tried out just for fun. I don’t even think I left the house after applying. It is pretty bold, even for me! Should  I leave the house in something so bold? This is where I start to have mixed feelings on “appropriate” makeup. It is so situational!

I think the one time I feel myself solidly deciding YES there is appropriate and inappropriate makeup is when I am heading into work. I definitely choose carefully what I wear. Maybe I wear less. Maybe I choose a bold lip, but soft eyes. There is a level of professionalism I want to show at work. I think again this is also on a spectrum because it greatly depends on where you work and your comfort level with what you are wearing.

If we are talking about age then makeup and fashion come up a lot. I certainly  hope I always wear makeup,no matter my age, because it is fun! I don’t think age should eliminate any look from your choosing, but I can see how as I age I may not feel comfortable in certain styles. I think sometimes we judge someone on their fashion sense to harshly by their age. I won’t lie and say I’ve never been guilty of doing so.

What are your thoughts? Xoxo! Talk soon!