Empties and Lots of Them!

Hi There! How is your day going so far? I hope amazing!! I just wanted to stop in real quick before I have to get ready for work and share my latest video with you. I am currently doing a three part series on Empties, because I have a lot of them!!

I have been saving up this trash for far too long so I thought I better get to filming! It had been so long since I had filmed an empties video that I actually forgot how much I love them!! It is fun to go back and see what products you really enjoyed and would consider purchasing again!

I hope you enjoy the video! It is a long one…you may need a snack!! Xoxo


Top Drugstore Foundation!

IMG_7254Hi Everyone! Happy Sunday! I watch a lot of Youtube video when I am bored…of course, usually about makeup..who would have guessed?! Haha. Well, anyways, I kept hearing about this foundation by Bourjois. The only issue is it is only available in Europe! How did I solve this conundrum?

It wasn’t by traveling there. I wish it were, but I did shop via Amazon! I was able to find a seller who sells European cosmetics! How cool! Deciding what I was going to try was difficult, but I decided on the Healthy Mix Foundation and the matching powder. My color is Vanilla (except for the French form).

The cool fact about this foundation is the manufacturer also produces Channel foundation! Say what?! I should say that is at least the rumor online. The quality of this product is so nice that I do believe it is true. I think for both the gel foundation and powder I spent around $30 with shipping…not bad!

The foundation is a gel with light to medium coverage that is buildable. If you prime first it works even better and with the powder over top it is perfect! It is light on the skin, it smells wonderful, and it hasn’t irritated my skin. I am obsessed!

Will I buy it again..maybe, but maybe not. I am a makeup connoisseur so I like to switch it up. I am sure I will be on to the next thing once this bottle is empty! But I truly mean when I say that it is an amazing drugstore brand. The USA needs to add this to their long list of cosmetics!

Click here if you want to check it out!