Those Pesky Eye Creases!

I smile all day at my job, so I have found I’m getting more crow’s feet than I’d like to have, but at least that means I am smiling, right?! Besides the wonder of premature aging I hate the fact that these creases convince my concealer & foundation to come hangout in there…”It’ll be fun,” they said…well, it isn’t. I feel like it makes my creases so much more noticeable, like they are waving at people and yelling, “check us out!” If you’d like to see what I have found to help stop the creasing check out the video (LINK BELOW)! Also, maybe while you are at it give it a thumbs up, a comment, or a share! I’d love to hear what you think or what you do to stop your creasing problem! Talk soon!


My Finished Look:


Face: Smooth Operator and Amazonian Clay 12 hour Full Coverage Foundation by Tarte. Also, BareMinerals Matte Foundation in Golden Medium and blush in Beauty.

Eyes: Younique Eye Pigments in Angelic and Confident. Also, Smashbox liquid eye liner, Ulta Extreme Wear eye shadow primer, and Ulta Twice as Nice Mascara.

Lips: Rimmel lip liner in East End Snob and Clinique Think Bronze lipstick.

Beautyblender Mania Part 2

Hi Everyone! A week or so ago, I did a blog on the beautyblender…dun dun duuuh (Just Kidding!) You all learned about how in LOVE I am with this product! After getting the product in my Birchbox I will now be spending the extra $$$ and getting another when this one finally wears out! The best part is It will really be worth it, because this fad is legit! Here is a quick tutorial of how I beauty blend with the beautyblender. I hope you like it! Xoxo

Drum roll please…the finished product:


Face: Lock It by Kat Von D, Tarte Smooth Operator, & Bare Minerals Blush.

Eyes: Younique Eye pigments in Angelic, Confident, and  Glamorous mixed with brown eyeliner for lower lashes.

Lashes: Ulta Mascara called Twice As Nice which has a wand for both upper and lower lashes.

Lips: Revlon gloss in Sizzle.

Beautyblender Mania.

O.M.G. The Beautyblender craze is no joke and it is  not a lie. It is AMAZING. I had read a little and watched a little on the tool the Beautyblender. I thought it had to be all hype. I mean $20 plus dollars for a weird looking little sponge…no way was I going to spend my hard earned money on that! Puh-lease!  (insert eye roll) Well folks, I am now a semi-huge hypocrite. I received the product in last months Birchbox and was honestly very excited to try it. I was also very doubtful of how it was going to work. I tried it for the first time yesterday and then again today to verify that yesterday’s outcome wasn’t a fluke. What were my results?

Drum roll please……It is effortless to use and now I have the urge to trash my foundation brush! (I won’t..but I could) This product makes putting on foundation effortless. I can imagine my girlfriends who struggle with cosmetics being able to do this without a problem. In fact I am going to text them once I finish this! It makes your face feel makeup free somehow. I don’t get it. It is like the makeup gods created this weird little sponge. I found it covers my pores and acne scares like my makeup brush can’t. Even with the great coverage my face did not feel heavy or coated in makeup, which I am not a fan of (what a perk!). It blended the foundation into my skin instead of painting over it. I feel airy, beautiful, and confident!


Here were my steps to flawless looking foundation:

1. Apply primer -I used Makeup Forever HD

2. Wet Beautyblender and squeeze dry

3. Apply under eye concealer with small tip of blender- I used Maybelline Super Stay from Walmart

4. I applied a small amount of BB cream to help with pink acne scarring – I chose Sephora Collection

5. Apply foundation using the fat end of blender -I used Tarte and applied in a blotting & blending motion

6. Finish with a light powder – I chose Smooth Operator by Tarte

7. Go fresh faced or spice it up with bronzer and blush

I cannot wait to try contouring with the Beautyblender! I have no doubts this tool will now be a part of my daily routine. I will say I am so glad I received this product in my Birchbox! It is not a cheap product to purchase so I probably would have never taken the leap of faith. I have heard they are good for three months, so I will be taking good care of it. I want to get the full life span (Save them dollar bills, y’all) If you have any questions or comments let me know! I can’t wait to see your pics after using this AWESOME product! Talk soon!

I Got a Goody Bag

I do not get to go shopping often, unless you count grocery shopping, but that is way less fun! This weekend, I did actually go on a mini shopping spree at Ulta. If you are not familiar- it is a cosmetic, salon, fragrance, and all things beauty store. This is not the norm for me, because when I do buy makeup I am dedicated to Sephora. Why? It’s not their prices, they aren’t cheaper than others, it’s because their staff knows their stuff. Well, on Saturday Ulta was just closer so I stopped. I am glad I did. They had a goody bag offer that was free if you purchased $19.50 in Ulta products. I was in need of new mascara, so that combined with a eyelid primer did not make it hard to reach that $19.50 mark. I am not familiar with their brand, but I feel good about it shopping there, because the goody bag ROCKS! image

It included:

1. A lip crayon (I’ve never purchased, but have always wanted to try!!)

2. A butter balm sample size in a bold pink.

3. A blush and bronzer duo compact.

4. An  eyebrow contour powder and wax compact.

5. A nail polish mini in a delicate pink.

6. An eye shadow powder in a soft white gold (Perfect for brow highlights!)

7. A mascara.

8. (This may be the best part!) Three eyeshadow compacts featuring four colors each. The color families are blue, purple, and green. This was a nice touch to make sure every eye color could be happy!

9. And the last items included in the goody bag were a set of three makeup brushes. One blush contour brush and two eyeshadow brushes. This was the only undesirable item in the bag. They aren’t terrible, but they are not even close to high quality..(It was free, so I won’t complain!)

Here is a link to Ulta’s site, which will give more details on this deal. It ends on March 14th, so don’t miss out! I am very glad I decided to switch up my beauty store visit and stop at Ulta. I would highly recommend checking out this goody bag special before it ends. I will update you all on how much I liked the products I purchased, which were two Nyx Lip Butter Glosses, Ulta Lip Stain, Ulta Mascara, Ulta Eyelid Primer, and Rimmel  Lip Liner. I can’t wait to share more with you all. Stay beautiful!

Hello Hydration

The struggle of both oily and dry skin is not fun. The struggle is real folks!  I have an oily face and a super dry body. Here is my plan to fix it- olive oil, water, lotion, and no sugar. Okay, so let me begin with a few weeks ago I was watching Michelle Phan’s video about her skin care routine. I thought she was crazy when she said she cleanses with olive oil. I thought she was just crazy enough that I wanted to take her advice! I know use olive oil both day and night like a makeup remover plus a cleanser. I do have acne prone skin that (was) very oily so I use a mild cleanser by Clinique after the oil. What were my results?

Well, my face is now very rarely oily! I have also experienced less breakouts and my face is so soft! I think there are a couple reasons behind this. First, I think it is because I am not over drying my skin by applying an oil barrier before cleansing. Secondly, I have become quite strict about my skin care regime. No slacking this time! I think this combination has allowed my skin to keep ahead of blemishes besides the occasion hormonal breakout that isn’t in my control. I am very pleased with this new found complexion, because adult acne SUCKS!! For that occasional breakout I mix a little tea tree oil with my moisturizer focusing in on the blemish and the area near it. Remember to ALWAYS moisturizer after cleansing even if you are using olive oil. That is isn’t my full facial regimen, but it gives you the idea of how I am fixing my oily complexion.

Next, my super dry skin! It is our largest organ and mine is suffering from dryness…major dryness. First, I shower every other day unless I do yard work or something strenuous. I know it sounds weird, but soap, water, and heat dry my skin so badly daily showers had to go! I mean that is why there is such a thing called bird baths. You may be thinking, but you said water in your first paragraph as a part of your game plan (insert huffing noise). Yes, I did, but I am talking about drinking water  and lots of it. We should drink at least eight glasses of water each day, maybe more. I say get your eight glasses of water plus some. Then for any  caffeinated drink you consume replace it with that many glasses of water. I am trying to take care of my skin from within! I am adding more greens to my diet through having one green smoothing a day. For now, it consists of super greens, an apple, water, and frozen berries. It is tasty and nutritious. I have also given up white sugar and anything that I know has it as an ingriedient for Lent. I have allowed myself honey in tea and on bananas for dessert, but this is a huge change. I am kind of a sugaraholic. I am not far into Lent yet, but interested to see how my skin will respond.

My final step is putting on a good nourishing coat of lotion after every shower and at night. I am very picky about lotion. It has to be absorbed into my skin and be good for it. I prefer the brand Everyday in Coconut which I purchase at both Natural Grocers and Target depending on which is closer. It is decently priced for a large bottle. It has good Ingredients that I am not worried about having absorbed into my body, which isn’t the case for a lot of lotion brands. I have recently purchased Egyptian Magic from Costco and use it as a balm over my lotion on extra dry areas like elbows, feet, and lips. I am not totally sold on this product yet, but read good reviews so I wanted to try. It has great ingriedients, but is pricey and not has hydrating as The Everyday brand lotion. If I was going to recommend spending money it would be on the lotion. It is amazing!

You now know my dry skin combat plan, so what is yours? I’d love to hear your tips and tricks! I hope mine help ease the struggle of having an oily complexion and dry skin! Say hello to hydration. I can’t wait to share more with you soon!