Becca Backlight Filter Primer

Hi! Welcome! How is your day going so far? I went to the gym, so I am feeling pretty productive! I thought I would share my latest video with you. I have had this product for quite a while and forgot to film a video for you guys. I would forget my head if it wasn’t attached! This product for me is one that really stands out! Have you ever tried it?

Xoxo! Talk soon!


Appropriate Makeup…


Hi! How are you doing today? I have wanted to sit down and write this for quite a while, but just haven’t! I often think about this and can’t come to a solid conclusion. Is their appropriate and inappropriate makeup? What do you think?

I have several thoughts on this. First, I want to say NO! There are no rules. This is something I totally feel when I put on makeup. I use bronzer for eye shadow and have even put mascara in my eyebrows. That is what makes playing with makeup so fun. There are no rules or if their are they were meant to be broken. Just because it says eye shadow doesn’t mean you can’t use it as a highlighter…something I often do!

The picture I used for this blog was a look I tried out just for fun. I don’t even think I left the house after applying. It is pretty bold, even for me! Should  I leave the house in something so bold? This is where I start to have mixed feelings on “appropriate” makeup. It is so situational!

I think the one time I feel myself solidly deciding YES there is appropriate and inappropriate makeup is when I am heading into work. I definitely choose carefully what I wear. Maybe I wear less. Maybe I choose a bold lip, but soft eyes. There is a level of professionalism I want to show at work. I think again this is also on a spectrum because it greatly depends on where you work and your comfort level with what you are wearing.

If we are talking about age then makeup and fashion come up a lot. I certainly  hope I always wear makeup,no matter my age, because it is fun! I don’t think age should eliminate any look from your choosing, but I can see how as I age I may not feel comfortable in certain styles. I think sometimes we judge someone on their fashion sense to harshly by their age. I won’t lie and say I’ve never been guilty of doing so.

What are your thoughts? Xoxo! Talk soon!


My Least Favorite Mascara.

Hi! I don’t know about you, but as a makeup obsessed individual I am usually an easy to please consumer. I don’t consider myself a makeup snob MOST of the time. It usually has to be really hard to use or quick to wear off for me to be unhappy. This is the FIRST time I can say I majorly disliked this type of product…which one is it?

photo 4 (14)

Mascara by Flower. I have used this brand before. I am obsessed with their powder to liquid blush, so I thought, “yes I will try their mascara,” as I grabbed it out of the bargain bin at Walmart. This mascara won’t ruin your life, but it is a sad version of mascara. Some how I think it makes my lashes look smaller than usual. It does add some length, but it makes my lashes look so thin. I would actually say it makes them appear brittle. Not a favorite.

photo 5 (5)

Do you have a least favorite mascara or ever tried this product? Let me know! XoXo

Scentbird Pros and Cons!


Hi Everyone! How are you doing today? I am loving this warm weather. It is a nice change of pace from the winter lows. I am not so patiently waiting for my Scentbird to arrive, so I thought I would feature that in today’s blog!

Scentbird is a monthly beauty subscription that features only perfume. They have a giant list of high-end perfumes for you to pick from and add to your 12 month queue. The price is $14.95 a month and the bottle that is sent out has about 100-120 sprays or a month’s worth. Their slogan is that you get a chance to “date your perfume before you marry it.” I personally think it is such a great idea!

Perfume and body chemistry can either work together or clash terribly. I personally have a hard time wearing really warm fragrances. They get very strong after mixing with my body chemistry. Sometimes they can even make me feel hot…weird I know. Anyways, my point is getting to date your perfume isn’t all bad considering that a big bottle of perfume can be quite pricey.

I have really been enjoying my perfume each month. Another great feature is that the website is easy to use. There are ways to filter your searching by type or tone of the perfume, which  I have found helpful. Also, there is a decent amount of reviews which always helps me pick my monthly fragrance. I have 11 of 12 months already filled up….you could say I am a little excited!

My only real cons to this subscription are that they don’t have YSL Black Opium, so I had to go out and buy it. This one con may be meant to be a little cheeky. I didn’t have to and if I am being honest my hubby gave it to me for Valentine’s…I was thrilled. It smells amazing! Anyways, I am getting off topic.

My serious con to this subscription is that shipping usually takes a very long time. I get a tracking number and then wait what feels like forever for updates and for it to arrive. I will admit I am not sure if this is something Scentbird has control over. It could be an issue with the shipping company used. I do wonder if there is a faster shipping method Scentbird could use. I really think that is my only con.

I am thoroughly enjoy this subscription! Xoxo! Talk soon!

P.S. Here is a past month Scentbird.



A Flawless Face

Hi! First let me start by stating that life is SO MUCH more than a flawless face. I love having my channel, but I sometimes worry people think I am always about vanity. I hope everyone watching their favorite Youtubers always know that those peoples’ lives aren’t just what is on screen. I know that to be true from my own life! In fact, a good portion of my week is spent makeup free, messy hair, and/or  in my pj’s! With that being said I still love makeup so much!

Makeup for me is fun. It is creativity. It actually is art. It is the one thing I found myself being able to use my creativity on. Being an adult is busy and I wasn’t able to balance it. With work I couldn’t focus on drawing, painting, or writing like I would have liked to. I did have to work most days and I did wear makeup to work, so why not have fun doing so?! My enjoyment for “putting on my face” and watching Youtube videos spawned my own channel and I am so happy it did.

I wanted to start this blog by saying that life is so much more then a flawless face, because it really is. Xoxo! Talk soon!

A Nontraditional Valentine’s Day

Hi! I have always loved LOVE. I have always loved Valentine’s Day. I am happily married now, but long before I ever met my hubby I loved Valentine’s Day. Sometimes I feel like someone out on an island by themselves because a lot of people seem to hate Valentine’s Day. I get it…it is a very commercialized holiday, but it is still fun!

I can think all the way back to grade school with our little handmade boxes ready to be overflowing with little Valentine’s Day cards. Those were the best days! It didn’t matter if you had a crush or if you were even friends, everyone used the day to share in joy.

I guess I am also lucky because my Dad, who is a phenomenal dad, always made Valentine’s Day special. A box of chocolates or as I got older Edible Arrangement, which no one hates receiving (um..YUM). He always got me a card with kind handwritten words. The day doesn’t have to be about romantic love. It can be about any love. The love of your family, friends, significant other, and pets. We can’t forget our furbabies.

I totally believe that we should spread love everyday, but I don’t see anything wrong with taking one day to make sure you don’t forgot to tell someone you love them. There are a lot of people in this world who do not hear it enough.

If you are one of those people. I love you ❤

P.S. Since we are taking about Valentine’s in a nontraditional sense here is my latest video.