Drugstore Beauty is BACK!

Hi! How is your day going? I spent most of my day editing my video..it was a long one! I am now sitting here relaxing and excited to share this video with you all. I am honestly impressed with the latest at the drugstore when it comes down to beauty. Anyone else?

Makeup is huge right now; I mean look at me. I never thought I would have started a Youtube channel based around my “silly” pass time! Makeup popularity is at a all time high and there for a while drugstore brands were so behind. I grew up a drugstore only makeup user to almost completely deserting the drugstore! It was just too plain and boring.

Well, I am excited to say that drugstore beauty is back. The drugstore brands are really stepping up their game! My only two complaints with current drugstore products as a general whole are that depending on the brand they use some icky ingredients and that some brands are getting too pricey. Maybe it is just me, but if an eye shadow palette at Walmart is going to cost around $15+ then I’m going to save another $15 to get a high end palette.

I’d love to hear your thoughts! Xoxo!


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I have a passion...(Okay, obsession!) for all things pretty- makeup, hair, clothes, jewelry, etc. You know all things BEAUTY! I may enjoy a good 1950s do and a cat eye, but it doesn't stop there. Follow my blog to hear honest reviews, fun tutorials, and my random thoughts of the day! I look forward to exploring beauty with you!

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