Brow Gels vs Brow Gels?


Hi! I know that this title isn’t very clear, so let me clarify a little. There are two types of brow gels on the market (that I am aware of). The one that thickens the brow and the one that holds the brow in place. When I say it holds the brow in place I mean it holds it there like super glue!

Which is your favorite brow gel? I have only tried two brands recently. The first is the Anastasia Beverly Hills Clear Brow Gel. This is a major brand that has basically rocked the beauty world. When someone says brows they often think of this brand first and last. I have never tried any of the other Anastasia brow products…I know, shocking!

I really enjoyed this brow gel. It is perfectly clear allowing your natural brow to shine through or you can layer it on top of other brow products. It did its job holding my brows in place. I really enjoyed using to hold brow pencil in place all day. The one down side to this product is it gives you crunchy brow. This can sometimes be bothersome.

The second brow gel I have used recently is the Younique Precision Brow Gel. This is  a thickening brow gel. It has little fibers in the gel to make your brows appear thicker and hide bare spots. I have really enjoyed this brow gel and repurchased. It comes in three shades to allow for a natural match to your brow hairs.

This isn’t the brand that is everyone’s first thought about brow products, but maybe it should be! It is a more affordable brand and both their brow products are really really good. This brow gel does not lead to crunchy brows. It won’t be hairspray for your brows, but this gives a wonderfully natural appearance to your brows.

Have you tried either of these? Talk soon! Xoxo



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