Beauty is More than Skin Deep

Hi! If your new to my blog, let me fore warn you that I am not an expert on basically anything. This is just a compilation of my ideas, thoughts, and maybe once in a while even secrets. 

I’m sitting her bored wondering what I should write about. I typically write about beauty, so why stop if it is something your mediocre at. Isn’t that how the saying goes? Anyways, I’m sitting here thinking about beauty and how it is more than just skin deep. 

For this metaphor, I’m not speaking of the personality and characteristics of who we are in our hearts, souls, and minds. I’m talking about our internal functioning. 

Lately I have been seeing and reading more and more about health. Health is definitley something I fear. I fear loosing health. Sadly, even with the massive fear I carry of loosing health I still don’t always treat myself with the utmost care. I don’t always lead a life that will bring the most health. 

Let me give you a little background on the last year. I have been working two part times jobs while starting and trying to growing a YouTube channel. I think in all of my life, including university, this has been the busiest and most stressful time of my life! I’m literally always chasing my tail, spinning in circles, and not truly excelling at anything. You know that saying “Jack of all trades, master of none.” Let me tell you, it’s true!

I’m not failing at anything I’m doing, but I’m not excelling either. There is just not enough time or energy in the day to do so. What I have failed at is sleeping, cooking, exercising, socializing, and loving. As I look in the mirror each morning I see lines and crinkles that I didn’t see before. I feel aches and pains that are new as I move through the day. Why? Because beauty is more than skin deep. 

My ideas of continued beauty:

1. Not drinking in excess – I mention this first, because this may be the only thing I do well. Yay, for that! 

2. Sleeping eight full ours of restful sleep – every once in a while I partake in this glorious activity. 

3. Eating good food that was made at home – this has not gone so well over the last year. This I really need to work on, so I bought a new cookbook for inspiration! 

4. Moving and getting your blood flowing – I get a typical work days worth of cardio in, but not much more. I want to feel strong. I need to feel strong. 

5. Not stressing – this is by far my biggest concern. I’d say most of my day is filled with stress. My jobs are stressful, one unbelievably so! I get home stressed at the messes that need cleaned. I stress over getting YouTube videos edited. I stress about stress! This may be a problem! 

6. Socializing is key to happiness. – We (my hubby and I) fail at this hard. Even our poor pup has suffered because of this. Doggy park visits have become few and far between. Also, we live in a place we are not from. He works from home and we both work a lot. Socializing is something we miss terribly. We are social creatures in a world that is turning more and more individuals inward. Smile at someone. How often do you get a smile back? Sadly, it seem like a 40/60 ratio. 

7. Loving is also what gives us that “pick me up” in life.  When you always feel so short on time you don’t take the time to love. Not just a quick hug hello or good bye. Chatting, flirting, no rushing! I think no rushing sums it up pretty well. Just enjoying time without a feeling of wasting spare minutes that “need to be” used on something else. 

This blog went on far longer than expected. Obviously these thoughts have been plaguing me for a while. Next on my list of many things to do is figure out a better balance. You know, figuring out how to have a happy life. Everyone seems so unhappy anymore. I refuse to be one of them. 


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I have a passion...(Okay, obsession!) for all things pretty- makeup, hair, clothes, jewelry, etc. You know all things BEAUTY! I may enjoy a good 1950s do and a cat eye, but it doesn't stop there. Follow my blog to hear honest reviews, fun tutorials, and my random thoughts of the day! I look forward to exploring beauty with you!

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