November (Plus a few months) Fav’s & NOT Fav’s!

Good Afternoon Everyone!! I wanted to try a pictorial blog! Let me know what you think!! Here are a few of my favorites and not so favorites for this month (and a couple prior months).

Lets start with a FAVORITE. This was a sample I got in a monthly beauty subscription! This is one of the best BB Creams I have used. It felt like a spa treatment when you put it on. It was so rich and creamy but no heavy at all!
Love Colour Pop! Love the color! Love the price! But do not love how it goes on. I had to apply this blush with about five coats to get any color. I don’t know if it didn’t mesh with my skin chemistry, but ended up not being a favorite.
I was SO excited when I first got this Cover FX Contour Palette! I couldn’t believe how awesome the idea was…a contour palette! OMG! I love this brand and their pigmentation. But after using it and then not using it for a while I realized this is also not a favorite. The dark shades are just a bit to warm. The highlight was dry for a cream. Then lastly, my major complaint is that I think it is more cost effective to buy my correct shades full size. I hit pan on the lightest shade and barely have used the others.
I still really like this one- Cocoa Contour Palette by Too Faced! I don’t find myself busting it out all the time but I like the dark shades. They are not too warm for contouring. I will say the light shades would fall in my not FAV category is they were separate!
After watching a bunch of Youtube videos I had to get the Borjouis Healthy Mix Liquid Foundation – WHICH IS A TOTAL FAV. While ordering it I also ordered the matching powder. It is not terrible. It laid on top the liquid foundation nicely, but the powder is super fine. Not a total NO, but I wouldn’t get it again.
I LOVE E.L.F. but NOT THIS ONE! This is the tone correcting palette. It doesn’t correct anything. It just creates a white cast on the skin. It is not good.
This is a total FAV. It is Tarte’s matte bronzer. I bought this for my wedding last year and it is the perfect bronzer. It is hard to find bronzers with no shimmer. I am having to toss it because it has started to lose its quality.
Here is my total cheapy fav!! This is the Salon Perfect Eyebrow Palette from Walmart. Nothing fancy about it but it works really well! I also like to put an eyebrow gel over top just to prevent any fallout!
And finally a totally not cheap favorite. L’Occitane is kind of magical. If you have ever gone into one of their shops it is like you’ve been transported to some fancy French boutique that smells like a fresh garden. This is their Hydra Vital Cream. It is in laymen terms – moisturizer. It feels great and smells even better! I cannot describe the scent but it is like a soft, tiny, delicate flower. I love the smell, but it is not cheap!

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