Full Too Faced Eye Look + Colour Pop Lip!

Hi Everyone! I just wanted to share that I am about to start a new journey. I recently got another job so I will be extra (extra) busy. Sadly, that means my blogging will be put on the back burner…and so will my channel. I am going to try my hardest to do one blog and video a week. If I can do more than that is so awesome, but we will see!

Okay, now to the fun part. I wanted to share with you a one brand eye tutorial!

I call this The Iridescent Eye because the way the colors blend into each other give the effect of an iridescent design. The paired lip is Frida by Colour Pop, which I am  big fan of. This is a great color to pair with just about any look. For tutorial look below!photoThis entire eye was created using my Too Faced Sugar Pop Palette.

1. Use Too Faced Shadow Insurance Primer..(or any primer.) I always recommend a primer!

2. On the lid apply a heavy coat of Blue Raspberry. If you use a slight patting motion it will pack on the pigment.

3. Using a small angled brush use Bubble Gum to coat the crease and outer corner of the eye. Again using a slight patting motion you can pack on the pigment. You will see thess two colors will beautifully mix into their own shade of purple (SO COOL).

4. Using the same small angled brush take Malted Milk Ball and create a V shape from the top of the upper lash line to just above the crease. This gives a more dimensional look to your eye, while transitioning the colors. You can then use that same brush and color to line your lower lashes. I had the lower lash line blend into the rest of the look to create a bolder more unified appearance.

5. To finish the look take Rock Candy with a soft fluffy brush and softly blend it on top of the colors starting at the bottom. This is going to soften the colors, melt them together, and highlight under your brow!

This look was truly simple and once you play with it I know you can get it right. A fun little addition would be to add your lightest and shimmery color just under your brow. This would really make this style pop!

I hope you enjoyed this look! Also DO NOT FORGET my giveaway ends this Friday! Check out my last blog for details! XoXo


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