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First I want to say THANK YOU to those are following me thus far! I so appreciate your interest in my blog! Next, I want to say WELCOME to any new followers! Below is how you enter into this contest!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Here is a little Youtube video about my giveaway! Enjoy the cameo my puppy made in my video! He is just as excited for this giveaway as I am!

Here is a link to see the Cheek Colour, the Super Shock Shadow in Flipper, the Super Shock Shadow in Nillionaire, and the Lippie Stix!



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I have a passion...(Okay, obsession!) for all things pretty- makeup, hair, clothes, jewelry, etc. You know all things BEAUTY! I may enjoy a good 1950s do and a cat eye, but it doesn't stop there. Follow my blog to hear honest reviews, fun tutorials, and my random thoughts of the day! I look forward to exploring beauty with you!


  1. My name is Alexa Lavont, and thank you so much for hosting! I’ve wanted to try Colourpop products for soooo long. I’d love to see a review of the new UD Smoky palette if you can get your hands on it! Also, I am subscribed to your channel.

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  2. I’m Jasmine Rae (actually my middle name, but I prefer it over my real last name haha) and I’m subscribed! Some dupe videos would be super helpful!

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  3. My name is Deborah and I have learned so much from watching your videos. I’d like to see some of your eye make-up applications. Your eyes always look so pretty with the way you apply your eye colors. I subscribe to your You Tube channel.

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  4. Hi, my name is V and I’d love to see swatches and makeup tutorials. I know I am way behind the times, but I haven’t set up a Youtube account. Watching your videos though

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  5. I commented on the newer post, but wanted to make sure my entry was valid— my name is Hope,new to blogging. I’m a new college student so I don’t have a lot of money. I enjoy blogs that feature cheap dupes of more expensive products 😊 happy blogging!!! I don’t have a YouTube channel, but I watch your videos all the time!!

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  6. Hi Laynie, my name is Kayley. Currently on your blog, I like the unboxing posts the most (like the one for Ipsy vs Birchbox.) If you want to take it a step further, it might be nice to have examples of some of the products being applied. I don’t subscribe on Youtube, but I watched the giveaway vid and a few of your other vids (like the Low Cost Drugstore Makeup one.) 🙂

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