Orange You Glad I said Orange!

I am fascinated with this color. I don’t know what to blame it on? Maybe it is season three of Orange is the New Black is on or that summer is here, but I have an obsession. It is one of those colors I used to steer clear of, but now I cannot keep away from! Knock Knock! Whose there? Orange! …You get the rest!

photo 1 (2)
Pura Vida Lace Headband!
photo 4 (3)
Covergirl- Temptation! A bold orange with a beautiful gold shimmer!
photo 3 (3)
Sugar Pop Palette by Too Faced- Macaroon and Malted Milk Ball!
photo 2 (2)
Cheeks are a peach color with a gold sheen thanks to Milani in Luminoso!
photo 1 (12)
..And this was just for fun!

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I have a passion...(Okay, obsession!) for all things pretty- makeup, hair, clothes, jewelry, etc. You know all things BEAUTY! I may enjoy a good 1950s do and a cat eye, but it doesn't stop there. Follow my blog to hear honest reviews, fun tutorials, and my random thoughts of the day! I look forward to exploring beauty with you!

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