Ipsy vs Birchbox – May 2015

Hi Readers and Friends! I am so excited about this month’s Ipsy and Birchbox!! I swear they just keep getting better and better! I really love being able to help you decide which one or both you would like to receive! If you receive either of these let me know your thoughts. If you are still unsure ask me any questions you have! I will be glad to answer.  I love hearing from you guys!! I am going to try to style this blog a little differently. We will see if I stick with it or switch back..only time will tell. Here it goes!


photo 1 (7)
This is the entire package in one picture. The bag was so cute this month. At first I wasn’t crazy about the bags, but these last two months have been adorable!
photo 1 (10)
I would consider this a full size product! That is one so far for the month! It is a pretty brown matte shade.
photo 2 (7)
I am not crazy about hair products, because honestly I suck at doing my hair, but I am always willing to try new things!
photo 3 (7)
Full size number two! Yay! I will say I struggle with fake lashes so I guess I don’t have a reason not to improve.
photo 4 (6)
I am CRAZY about this one! It is a lip tint and I am OBSESSED with the color! It is so pretty, it lasts, and it is full size…or at least I would consider it full size. That makes three full size for the month!
photo 5 (3)
I have seen it Cosmetics several times, but never took the plunge. I was happy to get a chance to try this brand. I am very pleased so far…plus it has SPF (check out my last blog- shameless plug!).


photo 3 (10)
This was the packaging. You can see the corner of the top of the box. I am sorry I didn’t get a better picture of the lid. The box was cute and I still like the box for looks. I still am not sure what I would use them for, but they are cute!. I will say this month I did not get a card with info on the products…that was a little disappointing. That is something I really appreciated that Ipsy doesn’t do. Instead, it had info about the author of Cupcakes and Cashmere that included a discount code. I would really rather have the product info.
photo 4 (7)
This is a colored lip balm in a hot pink shade, but it goes on very sheer. I think it has a really chic appeal with the packaging! I would say this is full size number one for the month!
photo 5 (4)
I already like benefit, so I was glad to receive a sample of their product. It was especially nice since I had never tried this before. The jar inside is so cute and classic looking. Again, sorry I should have taken a pic of it! The packaging makes getting a sample size seem extra special!
photo 4 (8)
I got to choose this sample, which I enjoy getting to do each month! The only time it stinks is when too many have picked and they are out of some samples. It is nice though to have some say over the month’s box!
photo 3 (9)
Part of me wants to say, “another Whish product..” but honestly they haven’t disappointed yet. I do seem to get one every time, but so far I have liked their products. I just hope that doesn’t happen every month because I really don’t want repeats. This is a cost effective way for me to experiment!
photo 3 (8)
This is a sample sized hair care item. Like I said before, I don’t love hair items, but at the same time it forces me to try something new and hopefully improve. I will say I wasn’t impressed with the packaging of this product. It seems cheaply thrown together.

Okay, so after examining each product on face value, because I haven’t tried all of them yet. I would say Ipsy is the winner in my book this month. I mean three full size products in one bag! It makes me want to use five exclamation points! I will say I look forward to both subscriptions and have so much fun trying new items at such a low cost. Talk soon! Xoxo


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