Seven Days of Skincare- Day SEVEN!!

Picture courtesy of Alba's website. Check out the link below.
Picture courtesy of Alba’s website. Check out the link below.

Wow, I cannot believe it has been seven days already! Time really does go fast! Sorry for the late post, but today seemed to be a whirlwind. For my last Seven Days of Skincare blog I want to focus on something I have not always been great at..and I am still struggling with. Today I want to talk about prevention and keeping your skin in shape! How? With what miracle product? It is no secret, but so many of us don’t think of it (sadly, me included) ..Sunscreen!

I grew up a sun lover and I still am! I love being outside, I love being in the sun, and I don’t plan to give it up. I do plan to be smarter. I hardly wore sunscreen as a kid. It just wasn’t something my family did, but I want to change that. If the fact that 1 in 5 Americans will develop skin cancer isn’t enough to convince you to use sunscreen, then it’s anti-aging benefits should be. The sun is actually the top cause of premature aging. Yes, a tan looks great, but it is hard on your skin..then there is that thing called sunburn that is even worse for it. This type of exposure leads to age spots and wrinkles. I do not want skin cancer, age spots, or wrinkles, so it is time to get smart!

How am I going to do this? By applying sunscreen to my face when I am going makeup free or when my makeup doesn’t include SPF. Choosing makeup with SPF can make this an even easier process because you do not even have to remember this extra step! I am also going to apply sunscreen to my entire body when I am going to be experiencing extra sun exposure. I will say after talking to someone who has melanoma SPF isn’t enough. It can’t last long enough or work efficient enough to be a cure all for this issue. He recommended getting a good dermatologist and sticking with them. Get someone who you can see consistently to make note of any suspicious spots. Early prevention is key!

I don’t have a product to review for this blog because starting tomorrow this is something I am going to start improving upon! I can tell you that I am using an Alba product because it is a natural sunscreen. If the extra cost is not something you can work with right now then I would recommend any sunscreen is better than least in my book! I may also be switching after this tube! If you’d like to see the sunscreen in the picture above or check out other Alba sun protection click here!


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