Seven Days of Skincare- Day Two!

Hello Loves! It is now day two..woot woot! It is day two of the madness known as SEVEN DAYS OF SKINCARE (Imagine that in a movie trailer announcer voice..if that is what they are called?) Anyways, if you are reading this obviously I am feeing a little bit silly today! Ain’t nothing wrong with that! Okay, really though, I am going to try to reign it in now!

In the beauty world there is nothing less important than good skincare! You have to take care of what you are putting your makeup on top of! You need to have a beautiful canvas and if you are like me your’s isn’t perfect, so we work on it! This is what inspired me to do this series of blogs, so on to day two!


photo 1 (5)

This is L’Occitane Angelica Face Toner! You can have fun trying to pronounce L’Occitane, but either way toning is important! This is something that gets skipped over all the time! People think this is an old time skincare method, but it is so good for your skin! It helps make sure you get all the dirt off of your face after cleansing that decided to stick around. It also helps balance the PH of your skin after washing. I bought this over Valentine’s when the hubby and I took a trip to Nashville! This is a higher end brand. I usually don’t choose high end skincare, because we have to re-buy those items so often. For this product I decided to splurge! If you’ve ever been in the L’Occitane store you know how magical it is!

Pros: It is alcohol free, which is so important because you do not want to dry out your skin. It also has essential oils, which is nice as they are not as harsh!

Cons: The only con is it is $22 a bottle. That is not super expensive, but not cheap either. I will say it lasts a while since you apply it with one cotton ball.

If you would like to glance at this product or know more click here!

Do you have a favorite toner? Let me know our thoughts! Xoxo


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