A Flawless Face for your BIG day!


I got married over the summer and we had a beautiful wedding with a lot of DIY! We had to find ways to save money where ever we could, because the cost of weddings is crazy! We had a budget and we were sticking to it (which could be a whole extra blog!). One way I saved money was by doing my own makeup. There was the cost of getting new long lasting and anti-shine makeup, but six months later and I am still using the product! If I had hired a makeup artist I would have had the cost of the application and no products to use later. In my book this was a better way to spend money! Here is what I used and it really lasted the whole day.. I mean from early morning until the 2 a.m. end of festivities! P.s. my reception wasn’t that long! The bridal party went out after and it was SOO fun. Check out the look below with some of my wedding pics!
image image Here is a candid shot that one of my bridesmaid took! This isn’t enhanced so you can see exactly what it looked like!


Here is what I used to get a flawless face for my wedding day:

1. I started with a primer! This is so important to make a smooth base for you makeup to sit on! I used Dr. Brandt Pores No More. This has tea tree oil. I needed to fight a blemish I had and try to keep anymore from appearing. This was a product I already had..yay!

2. I did a light application of Sephora Collection CC Cream to help balance my skin tone and fight any redness. This was also a product I already had..even better (gotta save that money)!

3. Next, Kat Von D Lock It Foundation, which is very pigmented. I have some acne scarring so I wanted something that would cover it all and well! This is some heavy duty foundation. This was my first purchase for “day of” makeup. It worked so well for that day, but to be honest it isn’t my favorite. I am still using it so it is not a waste, but it isn’t my daily wear foundation. It is more for special occasion when there will be lots of pictures!

4. It was a summer wedding and I did tan before so I could have a little bit of glow. I did a light buffing with Bare Minerals in Golden Medium. Using a buffing motion helped to smooth the foundation into a flawless finish. If you do this the trick is not pressing very  hard or you will just rub off your foundation. This was my next purchase for “the day” of makeup. I used this after and will use it again once I have a little bit of a tan.

5. Then I used Park Ave Princess by Tarte. This is my favorite bronzer. It is so matte and natural..NOT ORANGE. I was so worried about using a bronzer that could appear orange. This worked well for a little bit of contouring and added color. This was my third purchase for “day of makeup” and I use it all the time! I am now starting to see the silver tin showing through the bottom..tear.

6.You HAVE to set it all so I used Tarte Smooth Operator, which is also a fav!! I use this every single day. This was also something I bought for “day of” and I am still obsessed!

7. Then for a nice feminine pop of color I used Bare Minerals blush in Beauty. It is a pretty pink and not too bold!

That is how to get a flawless complexion! It is a lot of product and it is a bit heavy for everyday, but for your BIG day it really works! We took pictures outside in the heat and mega humidity…it lasted! We danced all night..it lasted! We went out after and guess what?! It lasted!

If you are curios about what I did to make my “day of” look unique here are my tips! I went with a bold lip! That is me so why not? I can’t rave enough about Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick! I used the color Fiore, which is a really bright pink! I LOVED IT! When choosing a bright color I knew it had to stay put because my hubby didn’t want to wear it too. This stayed on me ONLY! Even if you don’t want a bright pop of color I would still recommend this brand. For my eyes, I kept then basic since I did a bold lip. I used a Sephora Kit my aunt gave me at Christmas two years ago, so I don’t know the color name. I can tell you that I did a white shimmer under brow, a nude shimmer on the whole lid, and then a slight smokey effect on the outer eye with a taupe/brown. I did a light application of eyeliner; no cat eyes (sad ..I know).  I would recommend to always fill in your brows as they frame your face and use a good mascara. I skipped the fake lashes because I am not great at putting them on. They would have ended up on my cheeks half way through the wedding!

I hope this helped any of you who are gearing up for the big day! XoXo


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  1. I will never forget how your makeup looked that day! flawless. I have studied the Tarte brand and think I want to try some of the foundation. thanks for the tips and I love you~

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