Beautyblender vs $5 Makeup Sponge- Plus Video!


Is the magic in the sponge? Sometimes I think it is! I am in love with my beautyblender! It makes my face look flawless! The beautyblender is so easy to use, but the major downside is how expensive it is. It rings up around $20 for one sponge…jeez! I love the product but have ping of guilt in my stomach when I think about the price tag. It doesn’t help that its recommended usage is only three months to maintain a clean sponge (aka to prevent freaky stuff from forming on your face). That is $80 a year just in sponge!


Since I try to beauty on a budget (most of the time).. but sometimes new product makes me weak in the knees. I saw Real Technique offers a sponge for around $5 at Walmart, so I thought it was worth the time. The sponge is the same size and a similar shape, but has a lot lower price tag. Yesterday I decided to tryout this new sponge! Here is my observation!

photo 1

Size: Just about exactly the same!

Shape: Similar, but the Real Technique sponge has a flat angled end which I actually like.

Texture: The beautybender is very soft and light. The Real Technique is even softer, but dense. It is very very dense like a marshmallow.

Application: The beautyblender stays true to its name. It blends the makeup into your skin beautifully. It doesn’t leave too much or any lines. The Real Technique sponge doesn’t blend it into the skin. It feels more like the makeup lays on top or is painted on.

Appearance: This is the crazy part! The finished product looks almost exactly the same! Here is the BIG issue the Real Technique sponge did not work well when covering a blemish. It actually seemed to pull the makeup off of the blemish. This is a major downside.

Price: As already stated the Real Technique comes in way under the beautyblender. $20 vs $5.

My overall thoughts is that honestly if you need a cheaper option the Real technique isn’t a bad choice, but you my have to use other methods on problem areas. I still love my beautyblender. It feels nicer while you put on your makeup and it works better on blemishes, which is always something I deal with. Once my beautyblender has reached its time limit I will use the Real Technique sponge for a few months, but then I may go back to the magical pricey little pink one!

Check out my video of using both sponges! Game on! Xoxo


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4 thoughts on “Beautyblender vs $5 Makeup Sponge- Plus Video!”

  1. This might sound a little bit crazy, but if you buy them in bulk, they’re a bit cheaper.. I’m a freelance artist so it makes sense for me since I need a lot. I get 6 sponges and the cleanser for 80 bucks, which is like almost half the price… Might be crazy! but it’s just a little trick. haha plus I’ve tried them all and beauty blender is the absolute best!
    xox Lo

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