April Birchbox vs ipsy!

Hi! I am so pleased to share with you all my April monthly subscriptions from Birchbox and ipsy! I hope this will help you get a better idea of what both companies have to offer! Before we get to the best part (what is in the box/bag) I wanted to give you one insight to my thoughts on both of the programs point system.

Both Birchbox and ipsy give you points for writing reviews, referring friends, sharing product via social media, for purchasing products, etc., but the rewards pay off is different. Birchbox gives $10 for every 100 points earned were ipsy gives you points and then has a list of items in that point range that you can trade in for. Think old school arcade tickets and the prize counter. I haven’t used my points yet on either site, but I like the idea of Birchbox’s rewards system much better! I mean 100 points for $10…um hello free product! ipsy’s items that you can trade in for are not that impressive, but I have been able to gain points much quicker through my ipsy account. Even with over 800 ipsy points I am still not in love with the rewards system. This may be a make it or break it issue for customers picking between the two subscriptions!

Now on to the unveiling!

April Birchbox:

The packaging, is fantastic! I still love that it is in a clean and pretty box!


The card with details about each sample is still a huge bonus! I dont always want to have to look up more info online!


Item 1: Fekkai Pre-Soleil Hair Mist with SPF! This is perfect with Summer on its way!image

Item 2: LAQA&Co. Sheer Lip Lube Pencil. I  must say this is very cool! It looks like any other lip crayon, but when inspected closer it twists up! I was very amused by this! It also is mint scented, which I love!


Item 3: Obliphica Intensive Hair Serum, which is a decent sized sample since a little will go a long way. I am not a hair expert so I don’t go crazy over hair samples, but I don’t mind it either!


Item 4: Wei Bee Venom Anti Wrinkle Treatment…this sounds so crazy, but I love it! …I am slightly afraid that I could have a bee allergy and not know it since I’ve never been stung, but still excited. I love samples like this because it is not something I would normally think of to try. I also like it because I would never purchase a $60 treatment without seeing if it is worth it first! I will say I am not at all making light of a bee allergy! I am surprised this was included because it could be a risk to those who are knowingly or unknowingly allergic. There was a disclaimer with the sample which is good!


Item 5: ..Drum roll please, the last item is Shave Cream by Whish! This is the second product I have received by this brand, but it is a new type of product! Yay! No repeats! It is blueberry scented and it smells so good! It isn’t a sickly artificial blueberry scent either! I really love how it smells!


Now it is time for ipsy!

I must say I am in love with this months packaging! I haven’t been super crazy about the bags until now! I LOVE this bag! It is so cute and could be used as a little clutch due to how really freaking cute it is!


Item 1: KCO Colors by Beauty Brands, which is a full size product! Score!


Item 2: Hikari Cosemetics Blush, which is also a full size product! Um, WooWoo! Double Score! ..Sorry, I am crazy about full size!


Item 3: The Nude Dude Eye Shadow Single by the Balm in Flirty! I must say this product’s packaging has to make you smile, which is a plus! It is also a great size sample (possibly full size..I really am not sure) and the color is great!


Item 4: Lather Ultra Light Face Lotion which is a nice sample to receive so we will see how it goes when I try it!


Item 5: And lastly we have a fragrance sample by Jor’el Parker called Femina. It smells fruity and florally! It is a sophisticated  scent that will work for day and night! I am actually wearing it right now! I love perfume, maybe too much, so I am always happy to receive a fragrance sample!


Okay, so overall I am VERY happy with both April subscriptions! I would say my favorite thing about this months Birchbox was the Wei Bee Venom treatment because it is so different from my usual! For ipsy my favorite thing is that I received two, possibly three, full sized items! For $10 that is amazing! Let me know what you think if you subscribe or if you might subscribe to either Birchbox or ipsy! Talk soon!


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