NYX Intense Butter Gloss..bout time.

photo (2)

I have finally jumped on the bandwagon! I have been hearing so many good reviews of the brand NYX that I had to give it a try. I went to my local Ulta, because Sephora doesn’t carry this brand (tear), to check it out. I grabbed two for good measure! I purchased Sorbet and Orangesicle! Both colors are fun and perfect for Spring! After hearing so much about the brand I was VERY excited to finally try it.

What did I think? I really liked it! For being a low price point lip gloss I am impressed! Both of the tubes were $5.99, which isn’t bad for the major pigment in the lip gloss. High end brands could easily charge $20 plus dollars for the same size tube. The texture is WONDERFUL! It is so smooth. I can’t rave about that enough! I despise sticky lip gloss….seriously! I cannot stand it! The NYX Intense Lip Butter is so smooth, rich, and creamy. They are not the least bit sticky (YAY)!

Now on to the color! First, I tried Sorbet. This was the only thing I had any issue with. Don’t get me wrong I liked the color, but it wasn’t what I expected. By looking at the color while in the tube I was expecting something more coral. More like a pretty pink with a hint of orange, but when applied it seemed more like a cotton candy pink.

photo 1

The second color that I tried was Orangesicle. This color in the tube was very bold and it didn’t disappoint on the lip. It really is intense. I LOVE this one. It is bold, loud, and so fun! It has a hint of Orange to it, but to me it is just a bright red with a bit of orange. Again, this is the only aspect that disappointed me. I thought it would have more orange to it due to the name Orangesicle.

photo 2

Would I buy again? YES! Would I recommend? Definitely!  If you’d like to check them out click here! If you’d like to watch my review click here!

Have you ever tried NYX? What did you think? Xoxo


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