Hello Monday. Sunday I miss you already.

How is it that I can blink and the weekend is over? We are now back to Monday and I am just not ready to say goodbye to Sunday yet. I love Friday nights and Saturdays, but there is something special about Sunday. My husband and I use it as a day to work on our home or in the yard, but we always a save a little time for fun and relaxing. We went and had great food and coffee in the city. We made a swing by Walmart for some gardening supplies (which is a new world..I do not have a green thumb) and of course I got a little side tracked.

I love jewelry and accessorizing, but it can get pricey fast. I know higher price point jewelry lasts longer and is made of better quality metals, but that means my budget can’t have much variety. I like variety. After we got our cart loaded with gardening  supplies I wondered my way over  (way over- across the store) to the accessories. I must say I found some really cute new items! I am still wearing a lot of the same jewelry I bought in high school, which was over five years go. I did pick up a few new things last summer for our honeymoon, but I figured it was time to spice up my style a little.

All of the accessories I found at Walmart were ranged $2.88 to $8.00, most were under $5. They can be played up for a sophisticated look or worn casually. I also grabbed a few items that can be used together. The key to saving money is picking versatile items that can suit any occasion!

Check out these FAB new items!! What are your favorite accessories? Talk soon!

neck 1
These are a Classic pairing.
I think these are gorgeous!
neck 2
I am crazy about these metal tones!
neck 3
Can’t go wrong with a great hoop earring!
photo 4
Here are all of my finds together. Lots of variety!
photo 5
I absolutely love these colors! These are VERY “in” right now and the gold shimmer earrings really pop with the gold in the bracelets!

If you want a glimpse of our Sunday festivities check out the photos below! Xoxo



photo 3 - Copy

..And of course, an over cast Sunday brunch calls for a nude lip and a infinity scarf!



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