Organic Skincare Review.

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I know that a lot of makeup has some iffy ingredients so to counteract that I prefer to use natural and/or organic skincare. Having a good skincare regime is so vital to having healthy clear skin! This process is like food for your face, so why not pick something really good for it? The two lines I will be reviewing are Acure, which is a sample I received and Avalon, which is a product a purchased. Both lines are organic. In case you are wondering my skin type is combination and acne prone. My skin starts very dry after cleansing and becomes fairly oily by the end of the day. Here is my review of these products!

image (4)First, I want to say I used these products for about a week. To start my trial process I used Acure Argan Oil and Mint Facial Cleansing Crème. A little went a long way, which is great! The sent was very light with the mint being the most noticeable scent. The texture was rich and very creamy. I really enjoyed using the cleanser. It felt very gentle on my skin and nondrying. I would choose to purchase and use this product again. I would also recommend it.

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Next was the Avolan Vitamin C Vitality Serum. I purchased this at Target after reading about how important vitamin C is for you skin. This serum’s scent was not enjoyable. It smelled like old bananas and oranges. The texture was very thin and light, which I liked. It went on easily and did not feel heavy on my skin. I did feel like this product was actually packed with vitamin C, but that may be due to the citrus scent. I would not purchase this product again, unless I can’t find another like it. The scent was just too bothersome and it also did not contain much product for the price.

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Acure Day cream! This contained stem cells to help with renewal. This product also only required a small amount to cover my face. It was a little thick, but did not feel heavy on my skin. The sent was very light, which I prefer since I will be applying several layers of makeup over top. Too many competing scents can get overwhelming. I did really like this product. I  will say I have used a different organic stem cell line that I liked a little better than this cream. With that said I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a organic moisturizer.


Now it is time for the night cream…well that is what I used it for! It is called Radical Wrinkle Complex! This is my FAVORITE part of what I sampled! It was AMAZING!! Really! I put it on before bed after I cleansed. The scent was light and the cream was very rich, thick, and heavy. Usually I would say heavy in a bad way, but this wasn’t. I enjoyed the fact that it felt like I was putting something so good for my skin on before bed. When I woke up my skin looked so moisturized, plump, and bright! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! I would recommend this to anyone and I would definitely purchase this product, which is the most expensive from this line.

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The samples also came with two 100% oils, Argan and Marula. I preferred the Argan oil to the Marula and I cannot give you an exact reason why. Both oils were similar, but my preference could be because I am more familiar with Argan. Both products could be used in very small amounts as they were pure. I used them to apply to dry patches, cuticles, hair, etc. I don’t think I would purchase either of these, because of personal preference. I already have quite a few products that contain Argan oil, so I don’t feel like I have a use for just the oil. I would still recommend these to anyone who likes using pure oil, because they were a good quality product.

Have you tried either of these brands? Do you prefer organic? I know some thing that natural products to not work as well or as quickly, what do you think? Talk soon!


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