Sephora Haul 2.5..well 25.


You may be wondering what the heck my title to this blog means. It is simple. I. turned. twenty-five. I know, I know, that isn’t old, but something about being twenty-five feels different. I am now closer to thirty than twenty. You could say I am going through an extra mini life crisis. Basically, my age isn’t going to stop going up, so dammit I am going to look good doing it!

Before starting this blog I had kind of hit a plateau. I wasn’t not trying to look good each day, but I wasn’t trying very hard either. When I decided to start this blog and start (re)exploring makeup, skincare, and beauty in general I felt GOOD. I mean REALLY GOOD. Ladies, we are all beautiful with or without makeup, but there is something about throwing on a little extra concealer, eyeshadow, lipstick, or whatever that does the heart good.

I do not have a lot of extra money to spend. I really don’t, but for my birthday my treat to myself was slowly spicing up my makeup bag! Over the last month of I have added things here and there so it doesn’t hurt as much. Every couple years I like to purge old makeup and start fresh, but before I did that at Walmart (THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH THAT), but hence the extra mini life crisis, I decided this year I am going to buy higher quality products. And I want to share this journey with you all!

When I started this blog the goal was to be REAL. There is so much fake that goes on in the beauty world that I did not want that to be a part of this thing I am creating. I’m as real as it gets. A twenty-five year old that graduated college, didn’t find a career to fit that degree or it’s cost, who is juggling that new world called marriage. Yup, that is all pretty real. Anyways, here is my latest Sephora Haul, which was  accomplished over a weeks time and two birthday presents from my awesome family.

1. Too Faced Cocoa Contour Palette:


Pros: Love the colors! The browns are not too warm! The texture is so smooth and easy to apply. I also love that it comes with a brush. Ooh and it really smells like Chocolate, but if you hate Chocolate than this wouldn’t be a plus.

Cons: The powder is so soft that is kind of flys everywhere when you are trying to coat the brush. The pop of light is a little too glittery for everyday use.

2. Cover FX Concealer:


Pros: So much pigment! I also like that it is in a push tube, which makes it easier to apply with a brush.

Cons: None thus far, but I haven’t actually used this yet. I am a little nervous to see how it matches to my skin. I was a little in between two colors so I went with N X-Light.

3. Urban Decay Moon Dust in Solstice:


Pros: This color is AMAZING. It looks like a purple with shiny turquoise in the container, but goes on with a bit of a brown hue. Basically, this color is like magic because it changes so much depending on how the light hits it (O.M.G. SO COOL).

Cons: The word dust is spot on. Definetly use a primer so that shadow sticks and the color really pops. Beware that it will sprinkle all over your face. I really hate when this happens. I am hoping the more I use it the better I will get at controlling this issue.

4. POREfessional by benefit:


Pros: Not really sure yet. I have used it one time and I really did not see any difference in my pore size. Cons: It might not do anything, at least I only bought the travel size if that is the case.

5. Sephora’s New Masks: Rose and Pearl.


Pros: You get a good laugh at looking at yourself in the mirror. You may feel like trying out for Phantom of the Opera. Okay, now both of those statements are true, but I really do like these masks. Instead, I should say I really Iike the Pearl Mask, because that is the only one I have tried. It was very easy to use! It wasn’t messy! The price was fair and I really saw a difference. Afterwards my skin did look brighter. I used it right before bed and than applied my usual night cream. When I woke up today my skin looked so nice and I felt like my pores looked way smaller. I didn’t realize that was supposed to happen with the Pearl mask, but to me that is a big awesome positive! Cons: Nothing really! Holla!

Let me know what you think! Have you tried any of these products? Stay beautiful and real! XoXo


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