I Got a Goody Bag

I do not get to go shopping often, unless you count grocery shopping, but that is way less fun! This weekend, I did actually go on a mini shopping spree at Ulta. If you are not familiar- it is a cosmetic, salon, fragrance, and all things beauty store. This is not the norm for me, because when I do buy makeup I am dedicated to Sephora. Why? It’s not their prices, they aren’t cheaper than others, it’s because their staff knows their stuff. Well, on Saturday Ulta was just closer so I stopped. I am glad I did. They had a goody bag offer that was free if you purchased $19.50 in Ulta products. I was in need of new mascara, so that combined with a eyelid primer did not make it hard to reach that $19.50 mark. I am not familiar with their brand, but I feel good about it shopping there, because the goody bag ROCKS! image

It included:

1. A lip crayon (I’ve never purchased, but have always wanted to try!!)

2. A butter balm sample size in a bold pink.

3. A blush and bronzer duo compact.

4. An  eyebrow contour powder and wax compact.

5. A nail polish mini in a delicate pink.

6. An eye shadow powder in a soft white gold (Perfect for brow highlights!)

7. A mascara.

8. (This may be the best part!) Three eyeshadow compacts featuring four colors each. The color families are blue, purple, and green. This was a nice touch to make sure every eye color could be happy!

9. And the last items included in the goody bag were a set of three makeup brushes. One blush contour brush and two eyeshadow brushes. This was the only undesirable item in the bag. They aren’t terrible, but they are not even close to high quality..(It was free, so I won’t complain!)

Here is a link to Ulta’s site, which will give more details on this deal. It ends on March 14th, so don’t miss out! I am very glad I decided to switch up my beauty store visit and stop at Ulta. I would highly recommend checking out this goody bag special before it ends. I will update you all on how much I liked the products I purchased, which were two Nyx Lip Butter Glosses, Ulta Lip Stain, Ulta Mascara, Ulta Eyelid Primer, and Rimmel  Lip Liner. I can’t wait to share more with you all. Stay beautiful!


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