Beautyblender Mania.

O.M.G. The Beautyblender craze is no joke and it is  not a lie. It is AMAZING. I had read a little and watched a little on the tool the Beautyblender. I thought it had to be all hype. I mean $20 plus dollars for a weird looking little sponge…no way was I going to spend my hard earned money on that! Puh-lease!  (insert eye roll) Well folks, I am now a semi-huge hypocrite. I received the product in last months Birchbox and was honestly very excited to try it. I was also very doubtful of how it was going to work. I tried it for the first time yesterday and then again today to verify that yesterday’s outcome wasn’t a fluke. What were my results?

Drum roll please……It is effortless to use and now I have the urge to trash my foundation brush! (I won’t..but I could) This product makes putting on foundation effortless. I can imagine my girlfriends who struggle with cosmetics being able to do this without a problem. In fact I am going to text them once I finish this! It makes your face feel makeup free somehow. I don’t get it. It is like the makeup gods created this weird little sponge. I found it covers my pores and acne scares like my makeup brush can’t. Even with the great coverage my face did not feel heavy or coated in makeup, which I am not a fan of (what a perk!). It blended the foundation into my skin instead of painting over it. I feel airy, beautiful, and confident!


Here were my steps to flawless looking foundation:

1. Apply primer -I used Makeup Forever HD

2. Wet Beautyblender and squeeze dry

3. Apply under eye concealer with small tip of blender- I used Maybelline Super Stay from Walmart

4. I applied a small amount of BB cream to help with pink acne scarring – I chose Sephora Collection

5. Apply foundation using the fat end of blender -I used Tarte and applied in a blotting & blending motion

6. Finish with a light powder – I chose Smooth Operator by Tarte

7. Go fresh faced or spice it up with bronzer and blush

I cannot wait to try contouring with the Beautyblender! I have no doubts this tool will now be a part of my daily routine. I will say I am so glad I received this product in my Birchbox! It is not a cheap product to purchase so I probably would have never taken the leap of faith. I have heard they are good for three months, so I will be taking good care of it. I want to get the full life span (Save them dollar bills, y’all) If you have any questions or comments let me know! I can’t wait to see your pics after using this AWESOME product! Talk soon!


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I have a passion...(Okay, obsession!) for all things pretty- makeup, hair, clothes, jewelry, etc. You know all things BEAUTY! I may enjoy a good 1950s do and a cat eye, but it doesn't stop there. Follow my blog to hear honest reviews, fun tutorials, and my random thoughts of the day! I look forward to exploring beauty with you!

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