Hello Hydration

The struggle of both oily and dry skin is not fun. The struggle is real folks!  I have an oily face and a super dry body. Here is my plan to fix it- olive oil, water, lotion, and no sugar. Okay, so let me begin with a few weeks ago I was watching Michelle Phan’s video about her skin care routine. I thought she was crazy when she said she cleanses with olive oil. I thought she was just crazy enough that I wanted to take her advice! I know use olive oil both day and night like a makeup remover plus a cleanser. I do have acne prone skin that (was) very oily so I use a mild cleanser by Clinique after the oil. What were my results?

Well, my face is now very rarely oily! I have also experienced less breakouts and my face is so soft! I think there are a couple reasons behind this. First, I think it is because I am not over drying my skin by applying an oil barrier before cleansing. Secondly, I have become quite strict about my skin care regime. No slacking this time! I think this combination has allowed my skin to keep ahead of blemishes besides the occasion hormonal breakout that isn’t in my control. I am very pleased with this new found complexion, because adult acne SUCKS!! For that occasional breakout I mix a little tea tree oil with my moisturizer focusing in on the blemish and the area near it. Remember to ALWAYS moisturizer after cleansing even if you are using olive oil. That is isn’t my full facial regimen, but it gives you the idea of how I am fixing my oily complexion.

Next, my super dry skin! It is our largest organ and mine is suffering from dryness…major dryness. First, I shower every other day unless I do yard work or something strenuous. I know it sounds weird, but soap, water, and heat dry my skin so badly daily showers had to go! I mean that is why there is such a thing called bird baths. You may be thinking, but you said water in your first paragraph as a part of your game plan (insert huffing noise). Yes, I did, but I am talking about drinking water  and lots of it. We should drink at least eight glasses of water each day, maybe more. I say get your eight glasses of water plus some. Then for any  caffeinated drink you consume replace it with that many glasses of water. I am trying to take care of my skin from within! I am adding more greens to my diet through having one green smoothing a day. For now, it consists of super greens, an apple, water, and frozen berries. It is tasty and nutritious. I have also given up white sugar and anything that I know has it as an ingriedient for Lent. I have allowed myself honey in tea and on bananas for dessert, but this is a huge change. I am kind of a sugaraholic. I am not far into Lent yet, but interested to see how my skin will respond.

My final step is putting on a good nourishing coat of lotion after every shower and at night. I am very picky about lotion. It has to be absorbed into my skin and be good for it. I prefer the brand Everyday in Coconut which I purchase at both Natural Grocers and Target depending on which is closer. It is decently priced for a large bottle. It has good Ingredients that I am not worried about having absorbed into my body, which isn’t the case for a lot of lotion brands. I have recently purchased Egyptian Magic from Costco and use it as a balm over my lotion on extra dry areas like elbows, feet, and lips. I am not totally sold on this product yet, but read good reviews so I wanted to try. It has great ingriedients, but is pricey and not has hydrating as The Everyday brand lotion. If I was going to recommend spending money it would be on the lotion. It is amazing!

You now know my dry skin combat plan, so what is yours? I’d love to hear your tips and tricks! I hope mine help ease the struggle of having an oily complexion and dry skin! Say hello to hydration. I can’t wait to share more with you soon!


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