Too Faced Peaches and Cream!

Hi Everyone! I am up too late per usual! We are watching Netflix! What are you all up doing up this late? ..Maybe I don’t want to know. hehe. I am so excited as my last two videos seem to be a hit on my channel. By hit I mean small Youtuber status, but I totally greatly appreciate the small victories! It is exciting to get more interaction since I started this whole adventure to meet others who are also obsessed with makeup.

I often fall prey to the NEW and gimmicky makeup that is launched, so now I am starting to purchase carefully or skeptically. I was so excited when I saw the Too Faced Peaches and Cream line on Trendmood. If you don’t follow them on Instagram, go do it now! They post so many goodies and sneak peeks! Anyways, I was excited when I saw this line, but also skeptical. Check out my full review down below!


Youtube Giveaway! Over $180 in Goodies!

Hi All!! I am so excited to share this news! If you have visited my blog before you know that I have a Youtube channel. It is something I started around two years ago after being addicted to watching makeup videos. I decided it was time to do something fun and productive in my spare time, so what else would I do? Haha.

I am holding a huge giveaway on my Youtube channel to say THANK YOU to my awesome subbies! I may not be a huge Youtuber, but I am thankful for those who interact with me. I started the channel to meet others who also love makeup and I cannot wait to continue to do so! Thank you all for your support. Check out the video below to see what goodies are in the giveaway and how to enter!


Empties and Lots of Them!

Hi There! How is your day going so far? I hope amazing!! I just wanted to stop in real quick before I have to get ready for work and share my latest video with you. I am currently doing a three part series on Empties, because I have a lot of them!!

I have been saving up this trash for far too long so I thought I better get to filming! It had been so long since I had filmed an empties video that I actually forgot how much I love them!! It is fun to go back and see what products you really enjoyed and would consider purchasing again!

I hope you enjoy the video! It is a long one…you may need a snack!! Xoxo


I am so sorry! I didn’t ┬ámean to yell at you with the title! I am just so excited to play with fashion and prep for vacationing! I just love summer. I love the weather, the activities, and the fashion. Living it the Midwest Fall and Spring are okay..Summer is AMAZING and winter just plain old sucks! This is the best time of the year to really show off my favorite styles. Casual, adventurous, feminine or a mix of it all!

I feel like Summer is the best time to show off my personal style; the colors, the materials, all of it! I have always been a Summer girl and that still hasn’t changed. As I age I feel like it actually becomes more of me. I especially love playing with my style when traveling. I find myself talking more risks or playing more of a “role” with my fashion choices when we are on vacation!

I hope you enjoy my latest Lookbook! Xoxo! Talk soon!

Updated Review on Urban Decay All Nighter Foundation!


Hi!! How are you today? If you have followed my blog or my Youtube channel for any real length of time you know that I am a makeup hoarder. Now, I am no where near some of the big time Youtuber-hoarder status, but I have plenty to keep me pretty busy! Having so much makeup it can be easy to forget to update you guys!

That is what today’s blog is all about! It is time to update you all on the Urban Decay All Nighter Foundation!


  1. Very pigmented!!
  2. It is matte and really works well with my oily skin!
  3. It is matte, but still has a skin like radiance!


  1. I don’t think to reach for it often…lets dive into this a little further!

Okay, I really have nothing bad to say about this product. It does what it claims to do and is a really nice product. My one “con” is that I just don’t reach for it. I can not give you an exact reason why. The only thing that really comes to mind is that I have been enjoying light wearing foundations.

Over the last year or so I have witnessed some changes in my skin a.k.a. aging! Freaky, I know! I think that the lighter the foundation feels the younger I look. I used to love the heavy foundations like Kat Von D, but now I am really enjoying the easy breezy vibe! Now, this foundation is much lighter on the skin than Kat Von D, but still heavier than some of my other foundations.

I hardly reach for the All Nighter Foundation and when I do it is because I make myself. I even reach for my drugstore foundations more often!! That is pretty crazy. I must say the drugstore is really stepping up their game, but that is for a whole other blog!

XoXo! Talk soon!